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The World Association of Professional Investigators, WAPI, Is a private investigator body, formed by professionals, for professionals. It covers all areas of investigation, public sector and private sector, companies and individuals, corporate and domestic.

It had been published by other associations that there were over 10,000 practising investigators in the private sector alone, and of this number less than 5% had joined the existing Associations in the UK. WAPI manclated that it would be open to all and any practising investigator, private or law enforcement and that private investigator members would have


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The Spycraft Manual is unique. There has never been a book that reveals the secret tradecraft techniques used by spies the world over. Until now. Intelligence in the field of counter-terrorism is a different and, in many aspects, arduous and dangerous task. The lives of many agents are in continuous danger. The rules of the game are cruel—as moral and ethical considerations are negated by the bullet. There is no honor between rivals on the streets of Beirut or Baghdad—only the most quickwitted survive. A modern spy must blend in, live among the enemy, speak the language, befriend, and exploit the enemy at very opportunity. They are required to be streetwise, rough, tough, and ruthless.

Sept.11, 2012  

Interesting in what a ironical way history turns: Putin is about to be dethroned by three worthless sluts who call themselves Pussy Riot.  Except for this cool name they have no talent whatsoever. To catch public eye they went to church to make an ugly performance. Got arrested and sentenced for two years in prison. Now the Russian society is divided and the chasm has nothing to do with religious blasphemy. In 1930 this very same cathedral they penetrated was pulled down by Bolsheviks in nearby Kremlin, and all over Russia thousands of Orthodox priests were killed, prosecuted, exiled to Gulag. Thousands of churches were devastated, destroyed, and the religion in general was ridiculed and outraged. But the Russians in mass remained within the Orthodoxy; the faith was strong as ever. Certainly the church does not these sorts of help from the state which so eagerly corrected riotous pussy behavior. In case the church needs this sort of help I predict only a grim future for this church, it will be reduced to about 15 % of population of vastly ignorant folks and it will be losing ground to stronger more zealous and  aggressive religions like wahhabisme or zionism.

Now one stupid act of three young women, one of them is only 22 yr, and two of them are young mothers, apparently in their disturbed minds they needed moral support and indulgence, it was not a deliberate protest against Putin or politically motivated action, it could be accepted as an hullabaloo of disparate young souls for some recognition, simple human attention. And this loving state gave them all attention possible:  hordes of policemen, dozens of ugly court workers, and greasy prosecution faces, loudly panicking self-agitating crowds of “victims of sacrilegious blasphemy” whose health allegedly was drastically shattered on the day when the three girls delivered the anti Putin “song” at altar. That’s all absurd; the whole repulsive picture is worth the hideous style in which Putin executes his office here. He lost trust even of those who liked him in early years. He lost touch with reality. He has lived too long in delusion and everyday exposure to cameras. His mental health had been ruined irrevocably.

How can anyone in his senses be afraid of a single act of nihilistic performance?  Hey dude! What would become of you if you read Friedrich Nietzsche ? “The Antichrist” would simply make you bleat like a lamb at slaughter.   You should be more of a man intellectually rather than in a judo suit.

In future chronicles I see lines like: Putin was brought to power by ailing alcoholic Yeltsyn and in some 14 years was banished and chased from Kremlin  by a riot (Pussy Riot).

Friedrich Nietzsche ? “The Antichrist”

women who have had sex always tell lies




Pussy Riot: cool name, cold sentence, chilly prison…

The Canons of the Council of Trullo vs.  the Russian Federation Constitution

Judge Marina Syrova spent three hours reading the verdict while the three girls giggled and laughed at her  in handcuffs inside a glass courtroom cage.  Syrova declared all three guilty of hooliganism, saying they had deliberately offended Orthodoxers   by storming the altar of Moscow’s main cathedral in February to belt out a song deriding Putin. And here she sited postulates of the church  rules introduced by the  Trullan cathedral in 692 AD!

Pussy Riot grew from a controversial art-protest group based in St. Petersburg. Among the group's most noted acts was the drawing of an enormous phallus on a drawbridge in St. Petersburg opposite the headquarters of the FSB, or Federal Security Service, the main KGB-successor agency.

Putin, a former KGB spy and FSB head, has compared Pussy Riot's stunt to a "witches' Sabbath."

I have a feeling this country lives in absurd and distorted reality. A few oligarch clans with Putin as their authoritarian mob betray nothing but greed, smallness of their interests, lack of imagination and often blunt stupidity. 

Putin, a former KGB spy and FSB headSt. Petersburg opposite the headquarters of the FSB

June 12,2012  

Investigators seized computers, anti-Kremlin materials and at least 1 million euros worth of cash stuffed in dozens of envelopes during raids of apartments belonging to four leading opposition activists on the eve of a mass anti-Kremlin demonstration. Investigators appeared at Navalny's door at about 8 a.m. Monday. "Awesome. A search is under way in my home. Regarding the case of mass riots. They practically sawed my door off,"  Investigators seized electronics, "even discs with children's photographs," and searched through the toys of his two children, Navalny said.

Investigators said U.S. dollars and euros worth “at least 1 million euros” were confiscated in more than 100 envelopes in Sobchak’s apartment. The Investigative Committee  vowed to determine the origin and purpose of the money. “My yearly income is more than 2 million. Don't I have the right to keep it at home if I don't trust banks?” Sobchak wrote on Twitter.

May 21,2012   Moscow as megapolis is dead! Traffic kills life in it faster than
people realize. To avoid inbound traffic which happens every week end
I delayed in Kostroma till 9 pm but then at 1:30 am I was stuck for
two hours in a jam 20 km from Moscow. It means no way to escape
traffic anymore. Major German car makers boast 80% increase of sales
abroad, mostly to countries like Russia and China, over last
three-four years (crisis  stricken economy !). Yet no roads are being built here! Stupid
urban prototype in Moscow! One thinks he is happy when his office
in the center, apartment in one of the sleazy densely populated areas,
and a dacha outside of town.
A friend replied: The prototype for horrid traffic is the USA. Every city of any size has it. When they build roads, they build them based on studies that are ten years
old. When they build mass transit, they rarely make the right decision. Right now they are expanding the Washington Metro system. It barely serves any
suburban areas; the expansion is designed to get people to a major shopping district (the largest on the East Coast) and to get people to the airport.
May 9,2012  
“If they are so clever - the French, they had to expel Sarkozy 2-3 years ago when he took money from the Libyan leader to finance the elections.
And he took not $ 50 million of which the media speculated during the electoral campaign in France. According to Muammar Gaddafi, he took more than $ 100 million! Gaddafi told me personally about that during our meeting. But at the time I did not want to interfere in the electoral campaign in France. Sarkozy took the money - and see how passionately he defended himself! Maybe that is why they divided Libya, Gaddafi was raped and killed and now are trying to remove his entire family to wipe out the tracks! This is what they call democracy! ".
March 07,2012   Belarus's Lukashenko: "Better a dictator than gay"
“It’s better to be a dictator than a fagot” – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in a reply to a criticism from a German minister of foreign affaires Guido Westerwelle.
Belarus President
Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday criticised EUpoliticians who
have threatened him with further sanctions and in an apparent
reposte to the German Foreign Minister's branding him "Europe's
last dictator", said: "Better to be a dictator than gay."
Guido Westerwelle is Germany's first openly gay minister.
European Union leaders at a summit in Brussels on Friday
called for new measures to pressure the Belarus President, in
power since 1994, over alleged human rights abuses.
Lukashenko said Belarus would give a strong reaction to any
"This is absolute hysteria, and as you can see, at the forefront there are two types of
politicians ... one lives in Warsaw, another in Berlin." "Whoever was shouting about dictatorship there ... when I heard that, I thought: it's better to be a dictator than gay."

March 06,2012  

Putin reelected – 18 years in power, everyday exposure to mass media flashlights is a huge challenge and damage to any man’s psycho. Most likely he will succumb soon. No alternative at 2012 elections (vote for Putin or die !) certainly promises social unrest over next few years with eventual uprising ahead.

March 04,2012  

Looks like outgoing president Medvedev should attend a self-empowering seminar or personal  growth course still – that little he gained from his office so far. The office gained nothing.