Based in heart of European Continent capital of Russia Moscow this agency is capable of worldwide operations dedicated to bringing you effective cross border solutions: business issues, marital affairs, access to sensitive information sources.  


Established 1997 in Moscow, Russian Federation under Ministry of Interior License and Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic staff as independent commercial & government sources information provider. Dedicated to privacy and code of ethical conduct; affiliated with international PI organizations and regional Private Detectives Organizations
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Private Investigation and Intelligence Service: Russia & Worldwide

  BEOWULF Detectives deliver an integrated multi-disciplinary consultancy service to businesses worldwide, underpinned by knowledge, experience, integrity and a commitment to excellence.  	Espionnage économique et renseignements sur la concurrence Private Detectives, Investigation, Investigations RU, Forensic investigation, Hidden assets, Missing persons, Surveillance - done by professionals Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan Astana Almatyy Canada Australia New Zealand India China Mexico Extensive experience in Russian brides and marriage issues - legal  advice provided based on real life cases


PI - Private Investigator: Intellectual Property (IP) Investigations : Inquiries involving theft of trade secrets, industrial espionage issues, counterfeiting, piracy, diversion, copyright & trademark infringement, and related issues
Private Detective: Undercover Operations : Trained investigators work inside as your employee, gathering information unavailable through any other means
Private Detectives: Surveillance : Video & Still Photography to document a subject's activity & whereabouts
Private Investigator: Information & Database Services : Public Records, Court Records, Asset Searches, Vehicle/Vessel/Driver Information, Telephone & Address Lookups, and a variety of non-public information databases
Private Detective: Background Investigations: Competitive intelligence, due diligence and other background information for business purposes
Private Investigator: Pre-employment Screening : Prevent negligent hiring through comprehensive background checks
Private Detectives: Claims Investigations : Inquiries & Surveillance into a variety of insurance claims to objectively document the facts
Private Investigator: Security Consulting : Corporate security reviews, Retail Loss Prevention techniques, Security & Loss Prevention consulting and program design
Private Detective: Theft & Fraud Investigations : Inquiries involving missing monies, inventory shortages, fraudulent refunds, suspicious shipping activities and White-Collar Crime
PRIVATE DETECTIVES: Statement & Interview Services : Documenting personal accounts of individuals party to an investigation or litigation
Private Investigator: Litigation Support : Supporting the investigative needs of attorneys prior to or during litigation
PI Technical Services : Polygraph Examinations § Computer Forensics § Electronic Surveillance Detection § Covert Cameras & Installation 


Confidentiality Professionalism Efficiency Common Sense Reasonable Price Inquiries involving theft of trade secrets, industrial espionage issues, counterfeiting, piracy, diversion, copyright & trademark infringement, and related issues Public Records, Court Records, Asset Searches, Vehicle/Vessel/Driver Information, Telephone (including Cellular numbers) & Address Lookups, and a variety of non-public information databases spycraft avenue to sensitive intelligence and information collection technique classified as vital to any business or individual storehouse of commercial secrets and confidencial information private investigator detective agency agent investigation, private investigators

Theft & Fraud Investigations Intellectual Property (IP) Investigations Undercover Operations Surveillance Information & Database Services Background Investigations Security Consulting Statement & Interview Services Insurance Claims Investigations


Surveillance : Video & Still Photography to document a subject's activity & whereabouts


We are aware of the delicate nature of this work and we always put interests and reputation of our clients above all other considerations. As we work independently we are under NO obligation to any government or other body. Unlike some other agencies, we DO NOT report any cases to official institutions or public unless we are authorized to do so by our client's written consent. 
In our experience the best results are achieved through really conscientious efforts, diligent adherence to client's instructions, mastery in using investigating techniques and state of the art equipment.
The firm's owner, Mr. Dimitri Turin personally supervises every case never employing inefficient stuff just to increase business - that is the assurance that your case will be handled seriously, in a professional manner and discreetly. 
Beowulf Detective Agency, Inc. was founded in 1997 with participation of diplomatic staff of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since then international and cross border investigations and debtors tracing has been our specialty. Beowulf has accumulated such assets as : 
- extensive knowledge of business and red tape environment in Russia 
- years of professional intelligence & business espionage work in Europe and the USA 
- possession of cutting-edge information resources (up-to-the-date databases of businesses, personal information, government institutions and officials, criminal records, car registration, insurance and real estate fraud, official files on organized crime groups and individuals, official customs databases, employment records and income through official IRS database, bank account information and all bank payments within Russian Federation, highly efficient database on persons with bad credit, and more)
- sufficient technical and documentation support 
- highly competent computer and communication expertise

Office: 3/1 #9 B. Dekabrskaya Str. 123022 Moscow Russia

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Частное Детективное агентство "Беовульф" (Москва) – специализированная фирма детективных и информационных услуг. Лицензия МВД Российской Федерации № Д-0219/140, действительна до 06 декабря 2004 года. Высокий профессиональный уровень нашего детективного агентства подтверждается успешным выполнением ряда заданий от российских и иностранных фирм и частных граждан. Опыт Дипломатической службы в Европе и США позволяет частным детективам нашего агентства решать Ваши проблемы как в России, так и практически в любой стране мира. Бизнес разведка, розыск должников и имущества, эффективные средства по возврату долгов (в рамках действующего законодательства), проверка анкетных данных, проверка на благонадежность, подтверждение деловой репутации, семейные отношения, расследования уголовных и гражданских дел и предоставление доказательств для судебных разбирательств, профессиональная экспертиза – мы не ограничены только этими задачами, но четкое следование указаниям нашего клиента всегда наше главное правило.


Attention: international code for Russia is + 7; so dialing from abroad dial + 7 and then city code!

Country code
To call Russian Federation, the following dial code is required.
+7 to dial in(00 7 from UK)

Arkhangelsk 818 2 
Belgorod 472 2 
Bryansk 483 2 
Cheboksary 835 2 
Yekaterinburg  343 2 
Grozny 871 2 
Irkutsk 395 2 
Ivanovo 493 2 
Izhevsk  341 2 
Kaliningrad 411 2 
Kazan 843 2 
Kemerovo 384 2 
Khabarovsk 421 0 
Krasnodar 861 2 
Krasnoyarsk 391 2 
Kursk 471 2 
Moscow  495 
Moscow region 496 
Murmansk 815 2 
Nizhniy Novgorod 831 2 
Novosibirsk 383 2 
Omsk 381 2 
Rostov-na-Donu (or Rostov-on-Don) 863 2 
Ryazan 491 2 
Samara  846 2 
Saratov 845 2 
Smolensk 481 2 
Sochi 862 2 
St. Petersburg  812 
Stavropol 865 22 
Togliatti 846 9 
Tomsk 382 2 
Tula 487 2 
Tver  482 2 
Ufa 347 2 
Vladimir 492 2 
Vladivostok 423 2 
Volgograd 844 2 
Vologda 817 2 
Voronezh 473 2 
Vyatka  833 2 
Yaroslavl 485 2 

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