Based in heart of European Continent capital of Russia Moscow this agency is capable of worldwide operations dedicated to bringing you effective cross border solutions: business issues, marital affairs, access to sensitive information sources.  


Established 1997 in Moscow, Russian Federation under Ministry of Interior License and Ministry of Foreign Affairs diplomatic staff as independent commercial & government sources information provider. Dedicated to privacy and code of ethical conduct; affiliated with international PI organizations and regional Private Detectives Organizations
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                  Throughout Russia and former Soviet Union: St-Petersburg Novosibirsk Yekaterinburg Ukraine Belarus Saratov Odessa: Matrimonial and mail-order brides checks Matrimonial Surveillance Russian Brides Scam Background Checks Scam Investigations

Private Investigation and Intelligence Service: Russia & Worldwide

BEOWULF Detectives deliver an integrated multi-disciplinary consultancy service to businesses worldwide, underpinned by knowledge, experience, integrity and a commitment to excellence.  	Espionnage économique et renseignements sur la concurrence Private Detectives, Investigation, Investigations RU, Forensic investigation, Hidden assets, Missing persons, Surveillance - done by professionals Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tajikistan Armenia Georgia Azerbaijan Astana Almatyy Canada Australia New Zealand India China Mexico Extensive experience in Russian brides and marriage issues - legal  advice provided based on real life cases
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We work in all Independent nations of the former Soviet Union: Armenia Azerbaijan Belarus Estonia Georgia Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Moldova Russia Tajikistan Turkmenistan Ukraine Uzbekistan 

Confidentiality Professionalism Efficiency Common Sense Reasonable Price Inquiries involving theft of trade secrets, industrial espionage issues, counterfeiting, piracy, diversion, copyright & trademark infringement, and related issues Public Records, Court Records, Asset Searches, Vehicle/Vessel/Driver Information, Telephone (including Cellular numbers) & Address Lookups, and a variety of non-public information databases spycraft avenue to sensitive intelligence and information collection technique classified as vital to any business or individual storehouse of commercial secrets and confidencial information private investigator detective agency agent investigation, private investigators

Theft & Fraud Investigations Intellectual Property (IP) Investigations Undercover Operations Surveillance Information & Database Services Background Investigations Security Consulting Statement & Interview Services Insurance Claims Investigations 

Surveillance : Video & Still Photography to document a subject's activity & whereabouts

Beowulf Detective Agency, Inc. is fully licensed and professional detective agency, based in Moscow, Russia. We, Beowulf private detectives, offer a wide range of confidential investigative services specifically designed to meet exact requirements of each client. Our Private Investigators  operate in the Russian Federation and post-Soviet republics and Eastern Europe. Our PI record includes a number of really successful searches, which saved our clients money incommensurable to our fee.
Beowulf Private Investigators provide quality investigative, information and intelligence services to Law Firms, Large Corporations, Insurance Companies, Small Businesses and Individuals from all over the world.
 If you are considering using a private investigative service, please feel free to contact us. We'll discuss any of our services with you in detail. There is No Charge for the initial consultation. We will formulate an investigative plan and make every effort to minimize the cost. 
Beowulf Private Detectives has the ability and manpower to conduct all types of activities and assignments, however complex they might be. We have established sources who are prepared to work in an efficient and ethical manner.


Office: 3/1 #9 B. Dekabrskaya Str. 123022 Moscow Russia

Mobile +7 905 7449995  Phone +7 926 7339911  Fax +7 901 5559911

Accurate and comprehensive search for persons by phone, mobile, e-mail, ICQ, IP address 

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Professional PI agency specializing in surveillance in eastern europe, central europe, russia, poland, romania, Russian federation, ukraine, hungary, czech, slovak republic, belarus, lithuania, latvia, former soviet union, st petersburg, kiev, warsaw, baltic states, bulgaria, slovenia, Estonia, moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbek and other central Asia. We speak Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian. Dozens of successful international operations. Excellent references from the US, UK and most European countries are available on you request.

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Beowulf security: International organization that specializes in executive security and privet investigation services. We also attend to services such as Fraud Investigator- Matrimonial Investigator- Background Investigation- Missing Person- Trademark Investigation- Physical Security- Bodyguard / Close Protection- Risk Assessment- Information Security- Network Security- we provide discreet and professional services , Fees are included in the price.
beowulf record include: private detectives in Russia, CIS, Ukraine and Baltic States: Beowulf Private Detective and Private Investigator – Private Detective Agency in Moscow, Russia. Local and International Investigations. Our Private Detective firm located in Moscow, resolves Private Detective issues, background checks, surveillance detective, crime records, private detective services, financial investigations, bank account traces, divorce detective, missing persons investigations, insurance, fraud detective, asset search, criminal investigations, civil court documents serving, private investigator, private detectives, investigations for lawyers, law firms, attorneys in law, legal consultants; family issues detective, drug, narcotics expert detectives, undercover investigations, expert detective testimony, photography, and evidence evaluation. International Private Detective and Investigations agency ready to serve your detective needs today.

Why won't speak with a private investigator today if the matter calls for urgent assistance. Ready to help, our private detectives and private investigators are dedicated to conduct private investigations 24 hours a day. Private Investigators with professional abilities for International Private Investigation cases. Our private detectives and investigators can handle any matter in a discreet and ethical manner. There are many Private Detective and Private Investigator firms out there but we are ready to beat their price. Our private detective and investigator services are totally legal. If you have a question for a private detective or investigator let us see what we can do, our private investigations services can help.
Our Private Detective and Private Investigator firm ready to assist in Private Investigation matters in the U.S. , Europe and Internationally. If you need a Private Detective or Private Investigator call us or send a message to Mr. Dimitri Tiurine, president of Beowulf Private Detective and Investigation agency, Moscow, Russian Federation . Confidential Private Detective and Private Investigator firm for all Investigation cases. Private Detective standing ready to accomplish any Private Investigations case with Private Detectives and Private Investigator staff.
The Russian transcription for “private detective” or “private investigator” is «частный детектив» «частный сыщик». If you need a private detective or investigator let us know. Our private investigations staff is ready to assist you with any issue. Private detective and private investigators with comprehensive private investigations experience. Experienced Private detective and investigator staff. Private Investigations 24 hours 7 days a week. Free consultation with a private detective or investigator and our private investigations firm is available all the time...

A leading International Private Detective and Investigator firm for all Investigations needs, we stand ready to help you today with any Private Investigations matter. Private detective - International Private Investigator - Investigations company. Surveillance Detectives, Divorce Investigator, Financial, Investigation, International, Detectives. Confidential private detectives and Investigations group to serve your Detective needs today! Undercover, spy, skip trace, surveillance, court records, secret files and data bases, information services, workers compensations, fraud russian bride scam investigator, discreet law issue, cell phone records, cellphone call detail trace

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